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Is Boredom The Beginning of Depression?

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Boredom can be the beginning of depression, but it can just as easily be a positive experience. Basically depression occurs when a person loses interest in the world around them and becomes fixated on a narrow range of perception. This combined with a psychological mechanism in our unconscious mind known as the 'inner critic' results in depression. Focusing on a narrow range of perception and having self-critical thoughts about these perceptions are the bedrock upon which depression is created.

Also, in severe cases if the individual greatly reduces their focus and starts to brood upon some negative event or feeling this could result in suicidal thoughts in some cases.

What is the cure for depression?

The cure is to get a bigger perspective and also to work on our negative critical thoughts. Focus on being philosophical and also look at ones thoughts as an outsider, letting go of the drama is a good approach to take while working on abundant thoughts this will slowly reprogram the unconscious mind.

In the case of boredom, boredom represents a reduction of perception which could potentially result in a depressive state. However, boredom can often point towards some inner thoughts and judgements about oneself or the world which are not being recognised and taken into account. The conscious mind tries to protect itself from uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. One defence mechanism is boredom. Often if you probe your boredom you will discover underlying thoughts and feelings and perceptions which are being denied because they either lie outside of your comfort zone or they cause pain. When we push a little, although we may not like the thoughts or feelings, we do begin to realign these thoughts and feelings and once they are in our conscious mind, the unconscious no longer has to defend against them which in turn reduces the boredom, but anxiety will increase until you can resolve them.

So working through our thought and feelings, although painful is always the best policy.

Also, another cause of boredom lies with the conscious minds need for stimulation, which is habitual and unbalanced. Often in our search for stimulation we find everything old boring, but we can refresh the data, as it were, and by philosophical reflection we can remind ourselves of all the interesting things in life and thus reduce boredom.

As you can see this is a complex topic and it is possible to take each avenue represented above and make almost endless speculations about each one. However, the simplest thing to take on-board here is that yes boredom can be potentially negative but also it can be pointing towards some aspect of our life which requires work. if we are willing to work we can, over time, resolve the boredom and move forward with our lives in a more dynamic and interesting way than was possible before.

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