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Welcome to Psychologix!

Hi and welcome to Psychologix!

This site is dedicated to helping you understand your mind better (hence "psycho" as in the human psyche or personality + "logix" meaning logic, so psychologix means "mind logic") and get the most out of it too.

There are so many TV programs and You Tube channels and social media channels which advocate tune ups for everything from your car to your bike to your phone to your body, but what about the human mind?

The poor old human mind is completely forgotten about and really its amazing that the most important tool at our disposal is our mind and yet what we know about the human mind is largely a result of obervation rather than a consequence of objective research.

Its not really anyones fault, rather the challenge which we have, with the human mind, is that we have no way of knowing, with our present state of technology, whats really going on inside of it. Yes we can plug electrodes into brains and see electrical activity, but this only demonstrates some aspect of the activity of the mind, but in know way does it outline how the brain works in the first place!

Things become even more murky when we attempt to see into the human mind. We can of course split someones head open, in which case we will see a large grey organ which looks slightly cauliflower like, but there again its difficult to ascertain exactly what is taking place within this organ, which is bascially a large blob of greyish colored matter.

But what about the psyche itself?

Well a lot of research has been carried out by psychologists and psychotherapists over a long period of time and they have some pretty convincing theories as to how the psyche works, but even this is far from complete and there appears to be many inconsistencies between the theories being out forward by the scientists.

Ultimately we will have to wait some more time until some Einstein like genius comes along and creates a machine which accurately and objectively maps each individual mind. I look forward to the day when we plug ourselves in, take a quick mind scan and then a pdf is emailed to our cell phone entitled "mind a users manual" and hey presto we have a bespoke manual which is designed just for our unique mind!

But in the meantime we will have to carry on as best we can and use our observation and native intelligence to try and make some sense of the mind and how it works.

With this in mind I have created this site. So what can you expect from it?

My hope is to populate this site with interesting articles and video links outlining, with broad strokes, how the mind works and what you can do to learn how to use it better.

What advantages can come from this?

The advantages are many and they include becoming more productive and successful in your life, on every leve,l including financial and relational success and of course lets not forget about finding the meaning of life and becoming a more grounded satisfied and all in all effective and happy human being!

Of course this site cannot do the work for you but it is my hope that in some way it will act like a comapss and help you find your way home on a dark and dreary wet night!

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